quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

SideSwype Apk Download


A beautiful minimal block puzzle game from the creator of Slydris
and CRUSH! SideSwype is an elegant and unique combination 
of 4-way block sliding and match-3 gameplay wrapped in a stunning 
audio-visual package.
Swype your finger across the screen to send the blocks sliding 
to one of the 4 sides of the grid. Match 3 or more in a row to destroy
 the blocks. Special 4 and 5 blocks appear on occasion, requiring larger
 matches and rewarding
 you with special Diamond and Bomb blocks in return.
With gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to master, along with smooth touch controls 
and player-controlled pacing, SideSwype is the perfect mobile puzzle game. Play as 
fast or as slow as you want, and take a break to come back later without missing a beat.
 Track your progress with 10 achievement-stats, and share and compare your best scores to 
others online.
SideSwype features amazing minimal graphics, unique sound design,
 and a beautiful soundtrack. Choose from 6 color schemes and 2 original songs.

Fly Catbug Fly! Apk Download

Fly Catbug Fly!

**Take flight in the first game from Cartoon Hangover”s Bravest Warriors featuring the show”s breakout
 star Catbug! Fly through 9 locations avoiding obstacles and collecting sweet loot for Impossibear! Earn moolah to purchase awesome upgrades and power-ups to boost your top score and dress up Catbug!
Duck and weave with Catbug narrowly avoiding dangerous terrain. Pump up the challenge with the i
nsanely-fast hyper mode!
Soar through the Holo-John, NeoMars, the Lavarinth, the forbidden See-Through Zone, 
and 5 other unique backgrounds.

segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2014


Take command of the Dungeon Crawlers team as they explore goblin-infested hallways, lava-drenched caverns, and other hostile environs in pursuit of loot and monsters to crush. With gameplay drawn from the best of tactical RPGs and a personality inspired by action/fantasy comedy films, Dungeon Crawlers mixes fun 3D battles with humor and cartoon graphics with addictive effect!


MINUUM - The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It"s the little keyboard for big fingers!
Minuum takes up less than half the screen space of regular keyboards while still allowing you to type delightfully fast and surprisingly sloppy—all thanks to revolutionary new auto-correction. Spend 15 seconds with the introductory tutorial and you"ll be able to start typing with Minuum—instantly. The more you type, the better Minuum gets. Try it now.


Instant Vintage Videoâ„¢ Add dirt, dust and grain to your movies to create a masterpiece. Import your old videos or create new footage with the built in Super 8mm camera. iSupr8 is the most advanced mobile Super 8 film filter in the world.

⊗ Professional Grade Tru8™Processing
⊗ Unlimited HD Video Length versus Instagram Video & VineÂ

Hilomi Foto de animais fofo

Com o poder dos elementos sobre seus dedos ajuda a Hilomi a fotografar os engracados animais que habitam nesse mundo engracado!
Mova a terra, crie pontes, escave tuneis, comande o fogo e a agua, e muito mais para ajudar a Hilomi a viajar entre este 5 mundos unicos. Conheca Ratter, Weascale, Sasqwig e dezenas de outras animais enquanto Hilomi completa a sua colecao de fotografia animal!

domingo, 13 de abril de 2014


Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords e uma versao para celular do maior catalogo de cifras e tablaturas de violao do mundo, disponivel offline. Obtenha mais de 600 mil tablaturas e atualizacoes diarias!
¤ Musicas populares dos ultimos lancamentos
¤ Mais de 400.000 musicas
¤ Atualizacoes diarias
¤ Acesso offline as tablaturas preferidas
¤ Busca por tipo, dificuldade, afinacao e classificacao

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD)

AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design app that provides the following components-
¤Move apps- moves apps to either internal or external storage for getting more available app storage
¤Hide apps- hides system (built-in) apps from the app drawer
¤Freeze apps- freeze apps so they won"t use any CPU or memory resources
¤App manager- manages apps for batch uninstalling, moving apps or sharing apps with friends


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